Chef Uli is back in the Kitchen…

After his Back-Operation and a serious recovery time, chef Uli is back in his kitchen with his team…

During his time away he found new suppliers and came up with some great ideas:


We have launched our vegetarian /vegan menu recently…  Chef Uli thought it’s a good idea to create a separate menu where we  have all the vegetarian dishes together…some being “Vegetarian Lasagne” and “Mafaldini Gennaro”. Chef Uli has  also created vegan dishes, which will surprise you, just how tasty it actually is when cooked in the right way. In this menu we also take care of diabetic, lactose- and gluten-  Intolerant customers , which chef uli has been trying to improve and  grow throughout the years.

Besides our glutenfree pasta and pizza we have cauliflower Pizza-bases for and a variety of cheeses such as goat’s and sheep’s cheese, vegan mozzarella and parmesan as well as lactose-free cream and milk.

After a delicious meal you want to finish off with a dessert…and  even in the dessert section you will find dishes which cater for all special needs. All desserts are done in house – the cakes and the gelato are our own creations. Only in this way we can guarantee the right ingredients and the quality. Sugar and cream replacements, and refined recipes allow us to serve all our customers desserts to their needs, tasting like a normal dessert.

A very good example is our “Torta Caprese”- a recipe from the island of Capri which these days satisfies gluten intolerant and diabetic customers…it’s a chocolate and almond cake, sugarfree and glutenfree and served with a sugarfree cinnamon icecream – how does that sound????

...And there is more…please talk to the waiter and he will assist you to choose the right meal… We want that all customers get the same carefully prepared meals.


Please stay tuned for more information and follow us on google, Facebook and instagram; not to forget our website…


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