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Ferrari F1 concept released for Assetto Corsa

Written by Virtua Simulazioni from Assetta Corsa Releases. Posted in Ferrari Insider.

Virtua Simulazioni is bringing you yet another piece, welcome to the Ferrari F1 Concept. After a long story of trial and achievement this car has been finalized through the hands of the team to bring you the ultimate taste of future.

In months of work, this car has been created as a 'Concept of a concept', inspired by the Concept designs from Ferrari. An exact reproduction was never the goal. You'll find out our own creative ideas as we attempted to recreate the ultimate experience of a future Formula 1 race. Driven through the hands of current Ferrari F1 drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Räikkönen we are convinced you will not be disappointed.

In creating the Ferrari F1 Concept for Assetto Corsa, the Virtua Simulazioni team took on a project primarily inspired by the Ferrari designers and spun it right on its head. This 'concept of a concept' was never intended to be a 1:1 scale replication of the original design in both shape and expectation of engine technology. Its objective was not only a test of the limitations of the game, but also to be used as a platform to freely explore new creative ideas.

Ferrari's design chief imagines the weird, beautiful spaceship of the future

Written by Chris Ziegler. Posted in Ferrari Insider.

Flavio Manzoni is credited with some of the most extreme designs to come out of Ferrari in recent memory — including the LaFerrari, F12berlinetta, and FXX K — but all of those pale in comparison to the latest creation to come out of his sketchbook.

In fact, it's not a car at all: Manzoni took a break from styling some of the most beautiful vehicles on the planet to sketch his vision for a spacecraft of the future, lithe and fully chromed-out, just as you'd expect any good sci-fi spacecraft to be. It turns out that he's had an obsession with UFOs since childhood, and there's no shortage of UFO inspiration here — if there's an aircraft, shuttle, or rocket that exists today that looks anything like it, I don't know what it is.

Form Trends has some good quotes (and more renders) from Manzoni on his inspirations for the craft. It may not feed into any Ferrari projects in the next few years, but in the next thousand? More likely.

Ferrari boss against restrictions on F1 paddock passes

Written by By Ben Anderson. Posted in Ferrari Insider.

Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene says he took to the grandstands during Formula 1 testing at Barcelona as a protest against proposed pass restrictions on teams this season.

Arrivabene was pictured with team personnel, including reserve driver Esteban Gutierrez, sat with F1 fans while watching testing unfold from the stands last Saturday.

Tattooed Ferrari F430

Written by Super User. Posted in Ferrari Insider.

With Pasqua, the taste for the monumental goes hand in hand with an attraction towards what is most vulnerable – bodies and faces, sometimes with stigmatising differences that the artist adopts and magnifies through his painting: for example, portraits of transsexuals, people with Downs syndrome, or people who are blind.

Handicaps, differences, obscenity or the sacred: each canvas is the fruit of a struggle, a tension between what can be shown and "tolerated", and what is socially repressed or concealed.

In a recent piece he wrapped a Ferrari F430 in human coloured sking and tattooed it. Not all cool things can be combined to create something better. For example, (barring certain countries) French Bulldogs and adventurous cooking. But when Philippe Pasqua combined Italian sports cars and high quality tattoo design something a little special is created.




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