This one-off Ferrari is for sale. The price? $9,000,000

Written by Maranellos. Posted in Classico.

Gorgeous, V12-engined 'Thomassima II' from 1967 is up for sale on, um, ...eBay

That's £5.8m, for a car or story you've probably never heard about. The long of it, you can read here, but the short of it is this: it was born in the 1960s, designed by a fascinating chap called Tom Meade.


You see, Meade was born in California, and after returning home following a stint in the Navy, chanced upon a Ferrari 500 TRC in an LA garage. It was settled – he had to go Italy, immediately.

With just $50 in his pocket, he made it, forged important relationships with key carrozziere in and around Modena – even meeting Enzo Ferrari himself – when by the 1960s, he finally had enough money to build his dream cars.

They were named Thomassima – which means 'the maximum from Thomas' – and this II offered up for sale was built with the help of Maserati and Ferrari engineers. That gorgeous body was shaped using a marine plywood buck to hone the curves, and took inspiration from Ferrari's Daytona-winning 330 P3/4.

There was a tubular spaceframe chassis underneath, coupled to a 3.0-litre Ferrari V12 borrowed from none-other than a 250 GT. Though considered lost for years, we're assured by the seller that it was actually purchased in 1983 and has been in storage since.




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