In this section we celebrate all that has come before, mostly Ferrari but some just Italian and mostly forgotten.

Each month we shall research another exquisite piece of Italian engineering to present for your ocular stimulation. So bookmark this site and keep checking for the next installement. Be sure to click the "continue reading" link to get the full article.

The Ferrari 250 series II California Spyder Tipo 168 3.0L V12

Written by Team Maranellos. Posted in Classico.

The Ferrari 250 was the ultimate 1960s grand touring car and it was introduced to the world before that decade had even begun. More than half a century later its genetic code is still identifiable in today’s top sports coupes, but for this video we’ve ditched the roof for a blast around Britain’s B-roads in a rare open-headlight version of the series II California Spyder.

The “Egg” that challenged the Scuderia

Written by Maranellos Team. Posted in Classico.

1950 Ferrari 166 MM / 212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana

With a family fortune from the textile industry at his disposal, Giannino Marzotto wasn’t afraid to confront Enzo Ferrari about the quality of his racing cars. Describing Ferraris of the day as heavy and aerodynamically inefficient, Marzotto, a young but accomplished racer who’d won four major events in 1950, enlisted the help of designer Sergio Reggiani and Carrozzeria Fontana to create a unique coupe, nicknamed l’Uovo (the Egg), meant to best the finest cars that Maranello could produce.  In August, the 1950 Ferrari 166 MM/212 Export “Uovo” by Fontana heads to auction as a featured lot in RM Sotheby’s Monterey sale.

Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe Was Hidden In Hollywood Apartment

Written by Maranellos Fan. Posted in Classico.

The Lucky Owner of this rare Ferrari 250 GT PF Coupe explains: I came across this car through a client of mine. I had heard rumors that there was a vehicle in an apartment building that he owned, but I never saw it. He was very closed lipped about it. He never wanted to say much until recently. Once he came to retirement age, he started selling things in preparation of moving out of state.

I kind of kept badgering him about it, and eventually, he let me see the car. I didn’t believe it when I saw it. It was literally inside a one-bedroom unit of an apartment building in Hollywood.




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