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In this section we take a look at what has happened at Maranello's. Who's been seen and what has been celebrated!


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As you know we are giving away a Peroni hamper every F1 Race this month.
To enter all you need to do is purchase a Pizza priced over R100 and receive your free Peroni Draft with it, but only while the race is on.


This weeks Peroni Hamper winner at Maranellos, Gert


Thank you for taking part in this competition... Please enjoy your Peroni and everything with it

The Pit Crew at Trattoria Maranello

We are going to braai tonight!

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Probably the world’s most famous piece of meat.

A T-Bone , well matured in a cold and dry environment for 40 – 50 days –on the bone- cut and trimmed to different sizes, most common  1,2 – 1,4 kg -but we will also do a 400g or 500g cut- and grilled over open wood-fire. Its seasoned with coarse black pepper, coarse sea-salt and lemon-juice before getting served. This is how you should eat a steak – quick seared from both sides, that the juice stay inside and  with a nice char on the outside 

It is Spring in Melkbosstrand and the Ferraris have come out to play at Maranello's

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We have now enjoyed some lovely warm sunny days this Spring. The birds have begun to sing and the locals have begun gathering on the deck at Maranello's to welcome the warming of the season, while sipping on cocktails and enjoying an excellent pizza!
This Saturday morning saw the arival of chain of Ferraris from the Southern Equitorial Ferrari Automobili Club pulling up in front of Trattoria Maranello, and we where there to take photos of these exuisite samples of Italian engineering. We took videos too...

Have your very own Ferrari...

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... You might have recently noticed the painting of a Ferrari with a dark horse gracing our passage. Well this was done by local artist Paul van Rensberg.
We have some great Ferrari paintings available for you to choose from for sale.  Do you have your own Ferrari?  You may wish to commission your own Ferrari painting. We work with all the best local artists who can do it. That way your Ferrari can be with you always even if you end up selling the car.

click here to contact us for Ferrari artwork enquiries or any other Artwork enquiries.

Viglietti visit to Maranello's

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On Sunday Morning 13th of April 2014 Melkbosstrand was once again treated to a chorus of finely tuned Ferrari supranos as a procession of Ferraris lined up in front of popular beachfront venue, Trattoria Maranello, in the Melkbosstrand.

This most welcome visit was organised by Cape Town Ferrari dealership Viglietti Motors. We have the pictures and some video footage to share just click below to see more.




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