tripadvisor reviews don't count?

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We challenge you to write a very possitive review for us on TripAdvisor now and see if your positive review ever gets posted.
See for yourself!


Maranellos has been informed by many regular customers that their positive reviews submitted to tripadvisor have never been posted. So Maranellos decided to investigate the problem and in doing so found the following:

Hungry For Points

Trip Advisor ..... Full of fake and Biased reviews??? - Reddit Travel review

What you don't know about tripadvisor

Don't Trust Them |

Make TripAdvisor More Useful By Ignoring These 8 Types Of Biased Reviews

and lastly to prove a point that people are more motivated to place negative than positive reviews here is
consumeraffairs website's review posts and rating of tripadvisor themselves

So should you trust tripadvisor for average review results?

From the information gathered it seems that others feel that tripadvisor themselves are not so "lekker!".
It would appear that they are being accused of publishing or not publishing review posts based on their relationship with the venue being reviewed, basically of being biased against those that don't pay them for advertising. If it is so that not all subitted reviews are being fairly posted then can the tripadvisor review average for a venue be counted?

As an honest business Maranellos will not be party to any deception and will not stoop to buy positive reviews from any individual or organisation.

Maranellos does not purchase advertising from tripadvisor.

What is our opinion on the matter?

Maranellos does not ask readers to ignore bad reviews on tripadvisor, as we do take all critism very seriously and always act on it to improve our service as we are very careful of our reputation, but you need to realise that there are also a lot of positive reviews that we are aware of that where submitted by regular diners at Maranellos that are missing from tripadvisor and therefore ask that you take this into account when using tripadvisor alone to decide whether or not to try Maranellos for the first time. We urge you to also see our reviews on the many other media such as Facebook and Google, as well as and most importantly just visit Trattoria Maranello and decide for yourself...
            they always say "the proof is in the  ah...tiramisu!"

the food at Trattaria Maranello is great!

And if very happy with Maranellos, we challenge you to write a review now and see if your positive review ever gets posted. See for yourself!



Please note that while Maranellos does not support tripadvisor or their business model, for our own reasons, and this statement should be viewed as a separate issue to the points rased by others in the linked pages above Those linked pages contain statements that are the opinions and experiences of others and Maranellos cannot and does not ultimately warrant the accuracy of that information and therefore cannot be held liable for any use or reliance you may make of or put on it.

criticism seriously



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